Celebrate National Cookie Cutter Week With These 3 Unique Cookie Cutters


It's finally December and I don't know about you, but in our house we believe that December means Christmas and Christmas means cookies!

To celebrate this fun week, Wave Soda will be bringing you a list of our favorite cookie cutter shops on Etsy that make baking Christmas cookies fun for everyone!


This Etsy shop has almost 80,000 sales to date, which is no surprise when you see the adorable cookie cutter designs they make. 

Friends! How awesome are these?!

If you are a Friends lover than you will love these unique and fun cookie cutter designs


This shop is another one for those of you who are T.V. or movie fans. 

Check out these magical Harry Potter themed cookie cutters!


I can't say I entirely understand this shop's name but boy do I love their products!

Customizable pet portrait cookie cutters! I mean, come on!


Our Wave Soda team definitely needs to buy some of these for our Wave Fur Babies!

Cookies For You!

Stay tuned to the Wave Soda Blog this week for some more scrumptious cookie content!

To keep with our healthy soda alternative theme, we will be bringing you some better-for-you cookie recipes that you'll love!