Celebrate Black History Month With Wave Soda


Our team at Wave Soda wants to invite you to join us in celebrating Black History Month!

The black community has brought so many important and inventions about, so we wanted to continue to encourage that this month. 

Scroll down to learn how our natural soda plans to give back during Black History Month. 


We are continuously being inspired daily by incredible black inventors, artists, and public figures, it seems there is an endless list of things to be thankful for. 

Did you know, black inventor Garret Morgan invented the three-light traffic light with just an elementary school education! He went on to also invent the gas mask and an improved sewing machine. 

Do me a favor, run over to your fridge, and count the items that you bought at your local grocery store. You can thank Frederick McKinley Jones, another black inventor, for all of that chilled produce as he invented refrigerated trucks!

Let's Donate And Celebrate

These inventors may be gone, but their inventions live on with us. 

Our flavored sparkling water brand chooses to honor these great inventors and those to come, by raising money for a black-owned and operated nonprofit organization, Color of Change

For the first two weeks in February, Wave Soda will be donating 5% of profits on all full priced products to the organization! 

Purchasing a Wave Soda Variety Pack never tasted sweeter! 

Color of Change

The incredible team at Color of Change creates powerful campaigns to help end unjust practices against black people. 

The aim to champion solutions that will move us forward as a society, and a nation. 

During the first two weeks of February, consider helping our healthy soda brand encourage positive change by adding to our donation efforts. 

As mentioned above, 5% of profits from all full priced Wave Soda products will be donated to the nonprofit organization in celebration of Black History Month, and in hopes that we can continue to move towards positive and lasting change.