Celebrate Black History Month 2021 With A Donation


In case you forgot, or haven't had the chance yet, our natural soda brand is donating to Color of Change in celebration of Black History Month 2021. 

There are still a few days left to donate and support the black community!

Scroll down to learn more about why we are excited to be donating to Color of Change. 

Making Waves 

color of change logo

Our unsweetened soda is making waves in the soda industry by offering a low-sugar, low-calorie, healthy soda alternative. But we aren't the only ones inspiring change. 

Color of Change is an incredible organization that raises funds to help design powerful campaigns to put an end to racial injustices. 

These campaigns span across various different avenues, including the following:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Cultural Change and Media Justice
  • Voting Freedom and Democracy
  • Tech Justice
  • Economic Justice


If you want to learn more about what Color of Change is doing, click here to jump to their website. 

Black History Month 2021

Let's celebrate! 

During the first few weeks of February, your favorite sparkling water with fruit has been donating 5% of every purchase to Color of Change. 

The best part is, there is still time left to donate! We are accepting donations for a few more days so get your happy soda now and donate towards positive change! 

grapefruit soda being poured into a glass