Build-Your-Own Morning Routine And Make It Last


Every night before I go to bed I promise myself that I am going to get up and meditate first thing. I set my alarm. I get my app up and running. 

And every morning I snooze my alarm and decide I will do it later. Ugh!

That's why today at Wave Soda we are going to bring you some tips on how to build-your-own morning routine and how to create a routine that will last!

What Do You Want To Achieve?

The first step to putting together a morning routine is deciding what you what to get out of it. 

Most of us already have some kind of morning routine. Maybe we snooze our alarm, scroll on our phone, shower, brush our teeth, you know, the usual things! Well a usual routine will set you up for a usual day.

What if you are trying to have a productive day?

A calm and restful day?

An empowering and confident day?

Your first moments into a new day can set you up for how the rest of the day is going to look, so you need to determine what you are hoping your morning routine will achieve. 

hand holding mango wave soda in the water of a pool

I would like to have more days where I am refreshed, energized, and taking care of my body. That's why I plan to start drinking flavored sparkling water in the morning instead of coffee first thing! 

Don't Do Too Much Right Away

If you're like me, you get this idea in your head of the ultimate morning routine and it has about six new things that definitely will not fit into an hour, so basically it's not feasible. 

Take it slow! As we mentioned in our previous blog post How To Set Purposeful Nutrition Goals, creating a new routine takes time and practice. 

It's better to start small with a few achievable routine changes, and then add more when you are feeling confident and ready!

Start The Night Before

Seems weird to build-your-own morning routine at night, but a lot of the positive changes you can make to your mornings have to start the day before. 

For example, do you want to start eating breakfast before work? It might mean you preparing something the night before, like overnight oats!

jar holding overnight oats with apple and banana

Do you want to cut back on the time it takes you to get ready in the morning? Pick out your outfit the night before so you are not rushing in the morning. 

If you like to have a few cocktails after work, substitute our unsweetened apple soda for your traditional soda, that way the high levels of caffeine won't keep you from getting a good night's sleep. 

Be Ready To Adapt

Life can get busy and messy and our morning routines can feel harder and harder to achieve. That's okay! 

Part of constructing a build-your-own morning routine is preparing for speed bumps and road blocks. 

Our natural soda brand did not expect Covid to hit us all so hard (did anyone really??) but we believed in our healthy soda alternative and knew we had to keep pushing! We created more social media outreach, amped up our networking, and figured out how to Zoom! Yay for new things!

Point being, life is going to throw some curve balls at your but if you have created a morning routine that motivates you and you feel passionate about, you will be able to flow with the changes. 

Remember, it is a process but you are more than capable! 

hand holding caffeine free apple soda with a view of the ocean