Boost Your Immune System With This Herbal Guide


Today, follow along with our healthy soda blog to learn of some herbal influenced ways to boost your immune system!

Herbal Wellness

The best way to stay safe and healthy while Covid is still a threat, is to maintain good health. You can do this by getting regular exercise, and eating and drinking healthy foods and beverages. Like our natural soda!

Besides a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, you could consider trying some of the following antiviral herbal medicines that are widely available in liquid or capsule form. 

  • larch arabinogalactan
  • lomatium 
  • mushroom blend with licorice and garlic
  • echinacea 
  • goldenseal
  • elderberry
  • green tea


Many essential oils are proven to have antiviral properties and help boost your immune system. 

How To Deal With A Fever 

hand holding blueberry wave soda

A fever is the body's natural antiviral mechanism. If you have an infection you may come down with a fever but this is actually a good sign because it means your body is fighting the infection. 

It's best not to try and suppress a fever and instead, let the fever run its course. 

Cut Back On Sugar

As mentioned in the first section, creating a healthy and clean diet is a great way to stay healthy and boost your immune system. 

Consider ditching traditional soda and grab a New Wave Soda instead. With only 2-6g of natural sugar, our healthy soda has no additives or artificial ingredients.