About Victoria Samuelsson

Meet Victoria!

Victoria has been with Wave since 2019 and is our Business Development Manager!

She gets Wave into new stores and restaurants, follows up with existing stores and restaurants, and sets up demos (going to a store and letting people sample Wave). When we asked her what her favorite thing about working at Wave is, she said, “I love seeing how people fall in love with the product and company.” 

Victoria’s favorite flavor of Wave is Cucumber, which she likes to have with swedish meatballs. We asked her if she likes the ones at Ikea and she said she prefers ones that are actually homemade by her grandma! On the weekends, Victoria likes to go on hikes, hanging out with Charlie, and going to the beach with her friends. 

A fun fact about Victoria is that she used to play ice hockey at Penn State! 





Why We’re Excited About Victoria: 

On top of all these other great things about Victoria, we’re excited about her because she’s driven to promote our natural soda. Her passion for Wave helps her spread the word about our sparkling water brand! She’s always out letting people sample our healthy soda alternative. She’s been a big help with getting more people familiar with our flavored sparkling water! We’re stoked she chooses to be a part of our politely caffeinated family!