About Rachel Bower

Meet Rachel!

Rachel started with Wave in 2018 and is our Business Manager! When we asked her to describe her job, she said, “in this role, I work with distributors and retailers on promotional deals to help get Wave in the hands of the customer at the best price they can! However, being one of the first few hires in a company we all wear many hats! Some days it's accounting, some days it's trade shows, some days it's marketing and some days it's HR.” It’s true. She’s our rockstar! She says that her favorite part of working here is that everyone wears many hats and that we get to dip our hands into many different areas. “We're also lucky we have a CEO who allows us to excel in what we want to do and creates such a fun work environment for us!”

Rachel’s favorite flavor of Wave “depends on the day! Usually Grapefruit or Blueberry, some days it's Mango, but Cucumber is great too!” Her absolute favorite food is “any type of pasta. Always.” We asked her about her favorite place to get pasta and she told us that she doesn’t discriminate, anywhere is great. On the weekends, she loves going to the beach or on hikes but during the week, her favorite activity is binge watching Netflix in her PJs! 

A fun fact about Rachel is that her first pet was a hedgehog! She “bought him from a super sweet Amish family in Springfield, Missouri. His name was Meeko, and when I moved and couldn’t take him with me, he was donated to the Zoo in Springfield where he made so many new friends!”






Why We’re Excited About Rachel: 

On top of all these other great things about Rachel, we’re excited about her because we could not build a healthy soda alternative without her. Her passion for creating the next gen soda helps get everyone else excited about the sparkling water brand that we have built! She’s always sharing our healthy soda with her friends and everyone she meets. She’s truly been a huge contributor to the success of our natural soda! We’re stoked that she chooses to be a part of our sorta soda family!