About Nadia Joubert

Meet Nadia!

Nadia has been with Wave since 2017 and is our Director of Graphic Design! She works on creating the visual side/face of the brand. When we asked her what her favorite thing about working at Wave is, she said, “Wave Soda was one of the first brands I started working on as a freelancer. It is so awesome to be able to work on expanding and growing the brand over time. Nat has always given me creative freedom and trusted my opinion. All of the team members I work with are very nice and I wish to meet them all in person one day.” We’ve never met Nadia in person because she is based out of South Africa!

According to Nadia her favorite flavor of Wave is “based purely on esthetics ;) And that's why I love them all, they are like my babies.” She hasn’t been able to actually drink our sodas due to shipping restrictions, but if she could drink them, she would love to pair them with pizza that has lots of cheese, chilies, and olives on it! 

On the weekends, Nadia enjoys going for walks in the mountains with Patrys, her pup. When she’s not walking with Patrys, she loves hiking and fly fishing in remote nature with her hubby, Pierre, and Patrys.

A fun fact about Nadia is that she loves plants. She has more plants in her house than furniture! #PlantMom








Why We’re Excited About Nadia: 
On top of all these other amazing things about Nadia, we’re excited about her because without her, we couldn’t have our flavored sparkling water! Her passion and creativity helps us build a bright and beautiful sorta soda! She always has amazing new ideas for our healthy soda alternative. She’s been integral in bringing our keto soda to life! We’re stoked she chooses to be a part of our politely caffeinated family!