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About Micaela Flanagan

Meet Micaela!

Micaela has been an intern with Wave since 2019. When we asked her what she does here at Wave, she said “all the most important things.” Very specific! She told us that her favorite part of working here is “the atmosphere and general vibe of the office”

Micaela’s favorite food is pasta, which she likes to have with Blackberry Wave! On the weekends, she likes to go to the beach. When she’s not there, she enjoys going hiking with friends.

A fun fact about Micaela is that she can move her knee cap in and out of its socket.







Why We’re Excited About Micaela:

Micaela helps us with anything that we might need to grow our flavored sparkling water brand. She also helps keep our unsoda shipping out daily. She helps us keep on top of everything we need to be growing our natural soda. We are so excited that we can have her help us grow this sorta soda.

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