About Libby Stewart

Meet Libby!

Libby has been with Wave since 2020 and is our customer success coordinator. When we asked her what she does here at Wave, she said “I make sure that our customers get the love and support they deserve and any other tasks that people need help with!” She told us that her favorite part of working here is “ all of the people, I love the energy in the office."

Libby’s favorite food is sushi, which she likes to have with any flavor of Wave, but mango tends to be her top pick! On the weekends, she likes to spend time with her friends outdoors. When she’s not doing that, she enjoys trying out new recipes to cook for dinner. 

A fun fact about Libby is that she once performed hula dancing at the LA County Fair when she was younger. We’re still trying to get her to show off her hula skills at the office!




Why We’re Excited About Libby:

Libby helps us keep in contact with our flavored sparkling water brand customers. She also helps keep our customers happy with their unsoda experience. She plays a huge role in growing our natural soda. We are so excited that we can have her help us grow this sorta soda.