About Alec Perez

Meet Alec!

Alec has been with Wave since 2019 and is our E-comm Manager! He does anything from store visits to website design and everything in between! He is our go-to guy. When we asked him what his favorite thing about working at Wave is, he said, “I love the people I’m around and the opportunity to learn new things everyday!” 

Alec’s favorite flavor of Wave is Blackberry, which he likes to pair with a chicken sandwich. When we asked him where his favorite place to get a chicken sandwich is, he said “anywhere.” In his free time, he likes playing baseball and relaxing!

A fun fact about Alec is that he and his roommates have a podcast called 111. It’s about the three of them just living life together and occasionally a current event or two!







Why We’re Excited About Alec: 

On top of all these other great things about Alec, we’re excited about him because, without him, our sparkling water brand would not be where it is today. His drive helps us spread our healthy soda alternative all over the U.S! He’s always looking for new people to share his excitement for natural soda with. He’s been a large part of the success Wave Soda! We’re stoked that he chooses to be a part of our flavored sparkling water family!