A Wave Soda How To: Beat June Gloom

I'm not going to pretend that we are mental health professionals over here at Wave Soda but I do have a few helpful tips and tricks for dealing with the gloomy mornings that are ever so present right now in Southern California. 

If you aren't from Southern California or have never been, you probably haven't experienced June Gloom but rest assured, all of the advice I am about to give can be used for any kind of gloomy day (storms rage outside but also inside us too).

The Weather Is My Mood

How many of you can admit that your mood is pretty in tune with the weather? I never realized how much of an effect the weather had on me until I moved to Iceland. When I first started living there it was shifting from spring to summer and our days kept getting longer and longer. At one point, the sun wasn't setting until 2 a.m. and would rise again at 4 a.m.! It was absolutely wild. 

Although, it wasn't the summer I had a problem with. All the sunshine meant ample amounts of Vitamin D so I was cruisey. Nah, it was when the season started to change to fall that we had some issues. The days got shorter, the weather colder, and the sky gloomier and gloomier each day. That is when I put two and two together. 

I think the first step to getting over gross days is to admit that the weather affects you! Once you know that your mood is matching the weather, you realize that eventually, the yucky feelings will dissipate but in the meantime, you can do a couple of little things to help increase your joy during the process. 

Wave Goodbye To Gloom

Did you see what I did there? I was really quite proud of that play on words. But actually, adding some more Wave Soda to your day isn't a bad idea. On not-so-nice days I find myself drinking a lot of coffee. Like...a lot. Maybe it's because it's warm and wholesome, I don't know. I do know that I often give myself a stomach ache from drinking too much though and then I feel worse than when I started. If you also do this, I would love to suggest a healthier alternative! Why, Wave Soda of course!

In my most recent blog, I touched on the health effects caffeine has on the body. Don't forget, on those especially gruesome days it's important to still take care of yourself. Besides working my way through a 6-flavor variety pack of refreshing Wave Soda, here are a few other things I like to do to brighten my days:

  • Listen to upbeat music 
  • Doodle in a notebook 
  • Write in a journal
  • Play with my neighbor's dog (I don't have a dog of my own right now but my neighbor has a rescue Weiner dog so this is a great alternative)
  • Sip on my favorite apple drink (our Apple Wave Soda, duh)
  • Do yoga
  • Call a friend

I realize these are all Allie-inspired activities but I am quite a capable sharer so please take advantage of any of them that you like! 

Bottom line, take care of yourself, and remember that nothing is permanent.