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A Wave Soda 4th Of July FLASH SALE

If you read the title and are thinking, is this déjà vu? It's not, but we are wizards over here because we have concocted yet another incredible sale. 

Our last flash sale was epic and so many of you loyal Wave drinkers hopped on our website to take full advantage of the sitewide sale. Well, it's time to hop again because we are running another flash sale, so go check your email inbox right now for the magic discount code! 


Remember how I said we are wizards? I mean, get a load of that graphic man. 

A few things to note about this sale:

  • The discount code will be sent directly to your email inbox, so if you haven't signed up to receive Wave Soda emails you're out of luck this time ( I keeeep telling y'all to sign up, man)
  • The code will get you 20% off sitewide
  • This sale only lasts 48 HOURS 
  • This sale only lasts 48 HOURS

Guys, I do not want you to miss out on this! We have too many killer apparel options and refreshing drinks for you to "forget" to redeem your code. 

It's so easy! Just jump on our website and pick your favorite Wave Soda products to put in your shopping cart. Then, at check out, enter the unique code we sent to your email and voila! Savings galore! 

Now that is something to celebrate :)

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