A Mother & Daughter Wave Soda Journey: Las Vegas To Zion National Park

We back! Day 2 and the adventures keep coming. 

So far a lot of unexpected things have happened but one thing that has kept me sane is the always delicious and constantly refreshing Wave Soda. 

Driving and hiking through the desert has brought intense and almost unbearable heat, but my favorite healthy soda has kept me hydrated and awake during the long stretches of desert. 

Vegas To Zion

In my first blog of this series, I told y'all about our disappointment in learning that the Hoover Dam was closed and also the nerve-wracking moment when I almost got our Prius stuck on a gravel hill, (technically it was stuck okay, but only for a hot second). 

Well, this next stretch of our trip was going quite swimmingly until we met up with my brother. 

He was in Vegas with some friends for the holiday weekend and had plans to fly to Utah on the 6th to pick up a school bus he bought in an auction. (I'm sure you can probably guess where this is going.)

Yep, he didn't make the flight. The airport's computers were down and the staff couldn't print his plane ticket and thus, he was unable to board the flight. Since my mom and I were planning on driving to Utah we figured we could help, but we had set accommodations and a cemented itinerary and unable to adjust to take him ourselves. 

This left only a few options that quickly dwindled down to one singular option: rent a car and drive to Salt Lake City. My mom and I helped him set up the reservation and then the two of us left Vegas, crossing our fingers and muttering prayers under our breath that everything worked out. And don't you know we didn't cross our fingers hard enough. 

Right as we crossed over the state line into Utah, sipping some refreshing Wave Soda, we received a phone call from him saying that he could not get the car because he didn't have a credit card. As I stood on the side of the road all I could think was, "please god don't make me have to drive back the two hours I just came", and THANK GOODNESS because my prayers were answered. Half an hour later he had worked something out and was on the road. 

That night the three of us crammed sideways onto a queen size bed, wedged in like a family of overly exhausted sardines. The following morning I woke up only half-rested because my mom snores like her life depends on it, and saw my brother off on his trip along with some spare Mango Wave Soda from our stash. 

Waving him goodbye, I hoped desperately that I was also waving goodbye to the rest of our road trip hiccups, but boy was I wrong...