A Mother & Daughter Wave Soda Journey: Bryce Canyon To Moab

Hey Wavers, how was everyone's weekend? My mom and I made it to Moab and are off today to drive further on towards Kansas where my aunt lives. 

I am not entirely looking forward to the drive as Kansas is flatter than a pancake and more boring than watching grass grow, but it lies strategically in the way of us and our destination so it is something we must endure. 

Bryce Canyon To Moab

Thankfully, after the lost key debacle, we did not run into any problems as serious. I won't say we didn't run into any, we are a mother/daughter pair driving across the country in our Prius, of course, we had problems!  

The drive from Bryce to Moab was loooong. Only about four hours in total, it felt more like six. I don't think you guys realize how much of our country is just like...nothingness? I drove about two hours at one point without seeing a single gas station. Not one. Thank goodness we filled up before we left! 

Just as it was hitting dusk we made it to Moab and checked into our place for the night. The next morning by the time we woke up at 9 a.m. it was already over 90 degrees. I grabbed a few refreshing Wave Sodas for the day, and we headed to Arches National Park.

We had to drive up into the park on a switchback style road and as we ascended I could see the entire city of Moab, it was a gorgeous drive. The park itself was amazing. There is a single road that leads from the entrance all the way to the end, which loops back around and takes you right back out. This allowed us to pull off into parking lots sprinkled along the way and do small hikes and take pictures of the scenery. 

Each day of this trip I have thought to myself, how do people live in this heat? I drank two full water bottles, plus two Mango Wave Sodas and I still feel like I might overheat. 

After a draining day in the sun, it felt incredible to lay in our air-conditioned room and sip a healthy soda with my takeout Pad Thai. 

A good night's rest has us up and ready to take on the drive. Right now as I am writing this I remembered we are stopping for the night in a small town in Colorado so we won't be in Kansas just yet (god bless), and we will be seeing Mesa Verde National Park which, from my research, should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Woo! Good Wave vibes for everyone.