A Mother & Daughter Wave Soda Journey

Happy Monday Wave family! 

Our team at Wave hopes you had a wonderful holiday weekend, surrounded by your loved ones, and lots and lots of Wave Soda of course. 

Speaking of the refreshing and healthy soda, our sweet little Wave blog is going to look a little different for the next couple of weeks. 

Your favorite resident soda blogger, (that's me!) will be taking a road trip across the country; laughing, smiling, and sipping ample amounts of Mango Wave Soda along the way.

The Route

Leaving sunny and gorgeous California, my mother and I will be trekking northeast towards Las Vegas. 

After Vegas, we will wind through Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and settle in Moab, Utah for the night. 

Waking up bright and early will give us plenty of time to hit up Mesa Verde National Park, Telluride, and Colorado Springs. 

Finishing up the trip we will make a pit stop in Kansas (what is even in Kansas?) and end our fabulous roadie in Illinois. Wahoo! 

Along the way, I am hoping you all will join me vicariously by reading my daily blog updates! 

Why Should You Care?

Valid question! 

Firstly, it's going to be fun. My mom and I have a crackup of a relationship and I plan on sharing all the hilarious and embarrassing moments with you. I know, how gracious. 

Secondly, with a drum roll please...PIE. 

Yup, I said pie. 

My goal for this trip is to find the best pie in each state, but more than that, I want to find a pie to match some of our tasty Wave Soda flavors! 

Can you imagine me eating the best apple pie in Utah while I sip on the best apple soda in the world?! Pretty exciting stuff. 

So stay tuned to our Wave Soda blog page for road trip updates and to learn where I find the best pie to pair with our deliciously uplifting Wave Soda!