A Beginners Guide to Chakra Work Pt 3 – Communicating and Soul Knowing

Over the course of the last couple weeks we have examined what the chakra system is, and have moved up the spinal column through the energy centers at our perineum, sacrum, solar plexus and heart.

While these chakras and their functions are rooted in the physical world, there is much more to the human experience than that! 

 So, if you haven’t had the chance, circle back to part 1 and 2 … and then let’s keep ascending! 

The fifth chakra or Vishudda

The fifth chakra is located at the throat and primarily rules over our ability to communicate clearly and thoughtfully. Its color is bright blue and its element is sound. When the throat chakra is happy and healthy we find that we are able to express ourselves honestly and openly. We are assertive, can easily communicate our boundaries and, in turn, can easily hear and observe the boundaries of others. With an in-tact throat chakra, we are drawn to artistic expression and are able to create from a place of self-reflection and honesty. 


When the throat chakra is malfunctioning it will appear in the body as a sore throat, stiff neck, thyroid problems or hearing problems. It may also cause us to overeat. Emotionally, you may consider a blockage here if you have trouble speaking up and communicating your truth, or conversely, if you find yourself dominating conversations, saying things you know to be untrue or using words as a weapon. 

To begin a throat chakra meditation: 

Sit on the floor and breathe deeply in and out. As you do, imagine a bright blue ball in your throat. With each breath in, the ball glows more brightly and spins more easily. Begin to hum. Hold it. Feel it as the sound vibrate through your body, waking up each cell, and recognize the power your voice holds.


For your throat chakra mantra say to yourself: I am an adept communicator. I speak with intention. I do not yell or use unkind words. I always listen more than I speak. I do not overeat, for my body is a temple.


Yoga poses to help open the throat chakra include: Shoulder standFish, and Plough.


The sixth chakra is called Ajna or the third eye and it rules over intuition, seeing and spirituality. It is located at the center of the head, slightly above the eyes, near the pineal gland. Its color is indigo and its element is light. When our third eye chakra is at its best we find that our intuition and psychic abilities are at their sharpest. We are in touch with our Higher Selves and find a deep soul knowing that guides our lives. It is our ‘sixth sense’ so to speak. 


In the physical body, an Ajna blockage can appear as blindness, headaches, nightmares or eye strain. Emotionally, it might be time to work with your Ajna chakra when you find that you are being overly analytical, or when you feel uninspired or out of touch with your purpose. It may appear as delusions, obsession or over-anxiety. Many mental disorders are exacerbated by a blockage here, so if you find your mental health feels like it’s taking a nosedive, meditate on this chakra. 


To begin a third eye meditation: Sit down on the floor and begin to breathe deeply. First envision nothing but the color indigo. As the picture before you comes into focus, you see a serene, indigo lake. Sit with it. Let whatever thoughts arise come and go without judgement. This is your place of peace, where you can be whatever you are. As you become more comfortable in this meditation, your soul’s means for psychic knowing might present itself to you in this place. 

For your third eye mantra say to yourself: I am connected to the wisdom of the Universe. I trust my intuition. I am always open to seeing the truth.  


Yoga poses for the third eye include: SirsasanaWide-legged Forward Fold and Child’s Pose