7 Hacks for the Best Night Sleep of Your Life

Why is it that the best the best things in life seem to be the most elusive? Money…true love… sleep. Who are we kidding? Sleep is definitely first on that list.

We live in a society that pressures us to always be on. That means that when it comes time to turn off, sometimes we forget how. Instead, anxiety or restlessness keep our minds running as we lay in the dark. But when we never truly get the chance to rest and unwind, it becomes harder to keep exhaustion and stress at bay.

Here at Wave, we respect sleep and its role as a pillar in our physical and mental health. So we want to share a few of our favorite tips for having the best night sleep, every night.


An hour or two before bed, turn off all TVs, phones, and laptops. I’m talking boundaries, people! Social media, video games, shows and movies keep your brain active and engaged. Let your head organ have a little quiet time. Plus, your eyes need a break from all that blue light so that sweet, sweet melatonin can start pumping.

 Ingest a little CBD

Gummies, teas, tinctures… pick your poison! For those still a little unsure about it, CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis but unlike it’s cousin, THC, it does not get you high. And, it is legal all across the US. Studies have found it helps with anxiety and insomnia. I personally found that a few drops of a tincture under my tongue calmed my restless leg syndrome!

 Yin Poses

Yin is a form of yoga that encourages you not to use your muscles, and instead, hold passive poses for an extended period of time. It gets deep into your connective tissues, helps with the flow of energy through your body to bring better balance and has a focus on breathwork and meditation. So basically, it gets your body all loosey-goosey and your mind clear and quiet so you can snuggle up without physical or mental tension. Try these to start!

 Incense or oils

So, you’re not a hippie. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some good ol’ fashioned aromatherapy! Lavender is a classic, calm-inducing scent and has proven to slow the heart and relax the muscles. If you’re all about keeping your brain big and beautiful, try rose. A study found that inhaling rose at night can improve memory function!

 Make a tomorrow to-do list

I swear by this one. Every night when I get in bed, I make a detailed to-do list for the next day. Everything is on there, from reading the news, to working out, to errands and calling my mom! I find that organizing my thoughts and having a set plan for the following day keeps my mind from running once I turn out the lights.

Read (Like, a real book!)

It reduces stress, improves brain function, and let’s be real… there’s nothing better than those sleepy, heavy eyes you get when you’re reading a good book in low light.

 Eye Mask

Once you can’t fight those sleepy eyes any longer, slide on an eye mask. Pure darkness lets the brain know it’s time to start firing off the melatonin. And once those puppies start working their magic, it’s right off to dreamland for you!