6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Full Lunch Break


Our team at Wave Soda is very guilty of grabbing lunch and eating it at our desk while we work. (I may or may not be eating lunch as I write this...oops!)

It's hard! I'm sure you understand. Life is so much busier than it used to be and time just cannot be wasted on food. We gotta work work work! 

Or, maybe not? Scroll down to read more from our aspartame free soda on why you should be taking a lunch break, and a full one at that! 

1. Skipping Lunch Won't Get You Ahead

Oop! Someone had to say it. 

Bosses don't give bonuses for working through your lunch break! 

You guys, it's HUMAN to need food. Also, that's why you are given a lunch break in the first place. So take it!

Use it to refresh your mind and your body. Grab a politely caffeinated soda soft drink and get your second wind! 

2.Your Brain Works Better With Lunch 

woman sitting at a table pouring a blackberry wave soda

Experts have concluded that a lunch break of at least 20 minutes can help you find balance during the day and sharpen your brain for the rest of the afternoon. 

3. It's A Mood Booster

If you didn't catch our New Wave Soda blog post on the negative effects of sitting down for too long, you can read it here, 3 Big Reasons Why Sitting Down For Too Long Is Bad For Your Health.

The main point is, getting up and moving increases your blood flow and helps you to think more clearly! 

4. You'll Get More Done

Taking a full lunch allows your mind to take a break from work, and when you go back you will be take more on!

5. You'll Be Less Stressed

From our unsweetened soda blog post, 3 Ways To Cut Stress For A Refreshing Resolution, you may have learned some great ways to cut stress from your life! 

Taking a full lunch break can help cut back on stress and promote positive habits. 

6. It Prompts Problem Solving 

man holding a mango wave soda and giving a shakas sign

Repeating from the few points above, taking a full lunch allows for your brain and body to get a much needed break. 

Many people report that taking a lunch break helps refresh their mind and gives them the opportunity to look at problems in a different way. 

Staying hydrated and eating a proper lunch aids in the rejuvenation of the mind and spirit. 

Just don't forget to pack yourself a Wave Soda to enjoy! Our healthy helps uplift at lunch time--with 42mg of caffeine it is a perfect pick-me-up! 

Plus, with only 2-6g of sugar in our healthy soda alternative, you don't have to worry about that post-lunch sugar rush and then eventual crash.