5 Steps To Achieve Mindfulness In Every Moment


Mindfulness kind of sounds like something a scammer would try to sell you for like $200, but great news, it's totally free!

Today, Wave Soda brings you a blog that will break down what mindfulness is, and give you 5 great tips to reaching it in all moments. 

Mindfulness or Mindlessness?

A lot of people attribute mindfulness to meditation. 

Meditation is a key tool to slowing down your thinking and being present in the moment. 

Many stereotypes about meditation have us believing that it requires one to be absolutely quiet, have a completely empty mind, and basically achieve the peace and tranquility of a Buddhist monk. 

Thankfully, meditation isn't that strict. True meditation is simply about being still. Working to limit distracting thoughts, and finding a sense of calm. Giving your mind and body a chance to take a much needed break. 

So no, meditation is not a mindlessness but a mindfulness of yourself and the space you take up in the world. 

Now for some helpful steps to practicing it! 

Take a Moment to Breathe

Seems obvious but the way you breathe is actually very important. 

Making sure to avoid shallow quick breaths is helpful.

There are a few tricks to breathing deeper and fuller. 

One trick is to pretend your stomach is a balloon. Each breath in you take, try and fill up that balloon to its fullest. Hold that full feeling for just a few seconds, then release slowly. 

Another trick is to place one hand over your chest and one over your stomach. Doing this allows you to physically feel how your breathing works inside your body and can create a sense of calm and connectedness. 

Acknowledge the Physical Feelings in Your Body

 As you are breathing and practicing mindfulness, take note of the physical feelings your body is going through. 

You could be feeling tension in your muscles, you may feel warm in your face or hands. 

Whatever your body is experiencing, the best way to work with these feelings is to not judge them. Accept that they are there and try to gently release some of these feelings to create a more peaceful body. 

Return to the Present Moment

Your mind will wander! That's totally normal. 

A great way to bring the mind back to the present is to use your senses. 

Try to determine one thing you can smell, one thing you can hear, and one thing you can feel. 

Paying extra attention to your senses allows you to come back to the moment that is happening right now. 

Set Your Intentions

Before going into situations it is helpful to set intentions. 

If you are feeling hurt, maybe your intention is to have your voice heard and be acknowledged. 

Maybe you're nervous about something, you can set your intention to be relaxed and go with the flow. 

Expect a Positive Outcome

Be positive! Being able to constantly find the good in all things and expect good too, helps create a positive income!

Sort of the "fake it til' you make it" saying. 

The more you flex that positivity muscle, the more it will come naturally and positivity will begin to find you everywhere!

Practice, practice, practice

The easiest and fastest way to achieve mindfulness is to keep practicing!

At Wave Soda we love talking about the journey. 

Most lessons and skills are learned during the journey, maybe when things aren't going well. 

Lastly, celebrate! Celebrate how far you have come and how great you are doing. 

Crack open a 6-pack of our healthy soda and treat yourself!