5 Highly-Desired Skills You Can Teach Yourself


Do you ever find yourself with ample amounts of free time but nothing to do?

As we learned in a recent Wave Soda blog, "Do You Suffer From A Smart Phone Addiction", it's important to put down your smartphone from time to time. So what is there to do?

Follow along with our healthy soda drink blog today to discover 5 highly-desired skills that you can teach yourself! 

1. Maintaining The Things You Use

This may seem like a weird skill to start with, but hear me out. How many objects do you use everyday that probably could use a bit more attention and care than you are giving them?  

bike chain

Take the following examples:

  • The oil in your car
  • Your bike chain
  • Your coffee machine
  • Your computer software
  • Your clothing


These are all things that you could easily purchase new, or pay for someone else to fix or clean, but why do that when you could learn how to do it yourself? 

It can save you time and money!

At Wave Soda, we love the idea of DIY. If you checkout our keto soda blog, you will find a handful of DIY projects that cut back on waste and reuse items in a resourceful way. 

2. How To Cook

Personally, I think cooking is mostly just following directions!

If you can master the art of following along with recipes, you can totally cook. 

Need some inspiration? Hop over to our sparkling juice blog

Our team is constantly sharing new food and drink recipes! 

3. The Basics Of Photography

Photography has definitely become a highly-desired skill, especially since the introduction of cellphones with amazing camera quality! Now, anyone can be a photographer if they can learn how to master their phone camera. 

4. How To Knit

Have you seen how knitting has taken the internet by storm lately??

It's actually an incredibly impressive skill, and it turns out, you can knit more than just an old-lady scarf. 

Just check out this account, ByDna, on Etsy! 

knit outfits    hand knit sweater


How awesome! Learning how to knit can not only save you money by not having to buy clothes, but it could even make you money!

5. Meditation

The last highly-desired skill of the day, but definitely not the least significant!

Our unsweetened soda blog has featured a handful of blogs centering around the benefits of meditation and how much it can improve your daily life. 

Check out the list below for some inspiration:


Working to create a mastering of the skill of mediation is one that doesn't take too much time, just a lot of practice!

Embrace The Internet

You may be wondering how you are supposed to master these important skills, well the simple answer is; the internet!

The internet is home to almost every answer to every question you could have. 

The internet is also home to our flavored sparkling water! You can purchase any of our Wave Soda Variety Flavors, as well as Wave Soda Apparel

Speaking of our healthy soda alternative, we wanted to thank you for reading this post today brought to you by the healthiest soda, Wave Soda

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