5 Fun Things to do at Home!

Are you bored yet? We are. It can be tough to keep busy while staying home for this long!

We want to help! Here are 5 fun activities you can do from the comfort of your quarantine!

1. Puzzle!

How long has it been since you did a puzzle? Too long! Grab one and lay it out on a table. It can be done periodically as you have time, or as a fun night with family!

2. Movies/TV

I know there's a show/movie that you've wanted to watch but have never made the time for with your usual busy schedule! Here's the time! Get into your sweats, cuddle into a comfy spot, and hit play!

3. Exercise!!!

This is the perfect time to start an at-home fitness routine if you don't already have one! Staying in shape will keep you healthy and feeling good about yourself!

4. Cook

What a perfect time to perfect your signature dish or try all your saved recipes from Pinterest! Get your apron on and get after it! Post anything you make Instagram or Facebook with #WaveChef

5. Make a cocktail

With each day feeling like a week, there is no reason you can't unwind with a drink. We have a few using our natural soda that you can try out! If you have kids, check out our Homeschool Pack, you deserve it ;)



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