5 Books for Summer That Will Make You A Better Person

That’s right! ‘Beach read’ no longer means trashy romance novels or quick and easy reads that don’t require much attention.

Instead, the books we bring to the beach will be something that inspires. A work that shifts our perspective and pushes us to a higher state of being.

Alright summer babies, now is our time! The cold has retreated to the hell from which it came and we are left with Mr. Sun’s happy, hippy vibes! But we’re mature adults! We’re responsible. We are able to party like it’s the summer of 1999 whilst still growing and evolving like fricken’ bosses! And so, with that, we shall redefine the term ‘beach read’.

Here are five favorites from our Wave Soda team to get you started:

The Alchemist // Paulo Coelho

This book is worth reading a million times. Every time I move to a new place or start a new project, a re-read of The Alchemist is a must. It’s always the perfect reminder to keep yourself open to life’s endless possibilities.

Wheels of Life // Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

For anyone looking to do a little soul work, delve into the metaphysical with Wheels of Life. This detailed breakdown of the chakra system acts as a science lesson, a meditator’s guide and a yoga teacher all in one.

Women Who Run with Wolves // Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

I think sometimes that most of the world’s problems would be resolved if we all tried to understand each other just a little better. And with the political climate being what it is, it’s clear women are screaming out to be heard and understood better by society. This collection of stories shines a light on the Wild Woman archetype and any reader, woman and man alike, leaves the table with a much better understanding of the female psyche.

Life Will Be the Death of Me // Chelsea Handler

Whether you’re a fan of her comedy or not, Chelsea Handler knocked it out of the park with her latest book Life Will Be the Death of Me. With raw honesty and humor she tells her story about coming to terms with her traumas and learning that accepting help and showing vulnerability aren’t weaknesses, but strengths.

On The Road // Jack Kerouac

This American classic about a young man who goes on the cross-country road trip of a lifetime is sure to inspire summer-you to get out there and see something you never have. To take risks and throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Kerouac’s story is proof that it won’t always be easy… but it will certainly be a story worth telling.