4 Things to Spice Up Your 4th of July BBQ

Tis the season, y’all! Red, white and blue everything.

Firework displays. ‘Murica. And best of all, backyard BBQs. We’re talking the whole nine yards. Checkered tablecloths and laughing children. Hot dogs, burgers and water balloon fights. All your friends and family in one place, enjoying some nice weather, a healthy dose of patriotism and a good old fashioned potluck meal. So what are you going to bring? I mean, you don’t want to be the guy showing up with just an extra pack of raw patties or a case of Bud Light, do you? Noooo. You’re more creative than that. So instead you’ll probably be the boss showing up with…


A Case of Wave Soda

There’s a little something for everyone in there! A caffeine-free apple flavor for the kiddos, some Tangerine Soda that the tequila drinkers can mix with their Cuervo and Grapefruit Soda for the vodka fiends. Plus, let’s be real. Wave, hands down, has the most photogenic cans around. The perfect prop for all your family photos.


Bomb Pops

DO YOU REMEMBER THESE? Walk up with a box of Bomb Pops and you’re bound to give every 90s kid at the party some serious flashbacks. *Laying in the grass in cut off jeans on a hot summer’s day. Your tamagotchi is yelling in the background, but no time to feed it now! You’ve got to scarf this thing down before it stains your cool Nirvana shirt red! Plus, if you get to the joke on the popsicle stick before the rest of your schmuck neighbors, you’re going to be the first to get your crush to laugh.* Ahhh, memories. Plus, the colors are right on brand.


Boozy Watermelon Balls

Cut a watermelon in half, hollow out the rind my making mini, bite-sized balls with your melon baller. (You can get one here for cheap.) Once it’s hollowed out, that rind looks quite like a bowl, doesn’t it!? Pile all the little balls back in there and douse them with vodka. Quick and easy but with lots of showmanship! Who doesn’t love new and creative ways to consume alcohol?


Bite-Sized Salads

My dad always brings these around when he wants to be the star of the BBQ. It’s super simple, but seems pretty fancy. All you do is take a toothpick, stick a cherry tomato, a basil leaf and a mini mozzarella pearl. Drizzle a balsamic glaze over the whole plateful, and voila! Piccolo, ma delizioso! Small, but delicious.