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3 Fitness Hacks To Get Your Routine Back

Many of us have had some drastic changes occur in our lives in the last handful of months and that includes how we are working out and taking care of our bodies and minds. 

If you have been feeling overwhelmed when you look at where you are now and where you used to be, don't fret!

Give yourself some slack and love yourself as you work your way back to "normal".

Scroll down to read some Wave Soda fitness hacks to ease yourself back into that active lifestyle! 

Gym is closed? Try it at home!

You may be used to getting your sweat on at a gym, pilates studio, or another

fitness studio and right now that isn't an option. 

That's okay because the internet exists!

There are endless amounts of fitness videos on YouTube where you can follow along with an instructor and even a class too!

The best part is, after you finish you can walk right over to your fridge and grab your favorite Wave Soda Single Flavor to refresh and hydrate you post workout. 

Can't find the time? You have to make it!

Were you keeping to your fitness routine before life went all crazy?

Then you can definitely find the time now!

It can be a lot harder to unblur the lines between work and life now, but that exactly what needs to be done. 

Create some strong boundaries around fitness. 

Give yourself a time limit for how long you will work, how much of a break you will give yourself, how long you can workout for! 

Remember, you are doing right for your overall health when you move your body!

No motivation? Find an accountability partner!

At Wave Soda we have found this to be incredibly helpful. 

Having a partner at work to help keep you on schedule and on track makes all the difference. 

You can utilize this same hack with fitness! 

Find an accountability partner that will keep you on track with workouts, recoveries, and hydration. 

Better yet, find a partner that loves the taste of a refreshing and healthy sparkling soda

Thirsty? Drink Wave Soda!

Make sure you stay hydrated! It might be harder to remember when you're not surrounded by drinking fountains so make sure to get your water or Wave Soda set up before you start your workout. 

Bonus: The whole month of October, Wave Soda will be donating $2 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every 24-pack of our healthy soda that is sold! 







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