3 Easy Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day


Truthfully, World Kindness Day should be every day!

Unfortunately, life can be so busy it becomes easy to breeze over simple acts you can take to practice kindness towards others. 

Today Wave Soda brings you three simple ways to spread kindness to those around you. 

Smile and Wave

You've seen Madagascar, the animated movie about the animals that escape from the zoo? Well, the penguins crack me up every time when they mutter "smile and wave" as they try and not act suspicious. 

They make a really good point though! 

Smiling or waving at a stranger costs absolutely nothing!

Yep, nothing, like it's totally free!

The best part is, you might even get some smiles and waves back. 

Not waves as in Wave Soda, like actual waves with your hand kind of deal, but just imagine if it was the other way around?! How good. 

No matter if you get a smile or wave back, you will never be able to know how positive of an impact you can make when you choose to be kind and uplift others. 

Say Thank You More

Another super easy one that is totally free and can spread so much kindness!

There are so many amazing humans who have been working tirelessly, day in a day out during this pandemic who could use a little extra morale boost. 

Remember to thank your clerk at the grocery store, your server at the restaurant, heck, thank the person who let you squeeze in front of them on the high way so you didn't miss your exit! 

Thank you is one of those phrases that just can't be overplayed. 

So let's get out there and thank it up!


Now, you might be thinking, "Okay, recycle, that doesn't really go with the theme" but it totally does!

Firstly, it's doing a kindness to Mother Earth which is incredibly important since we rely on her to live.  

Secondly, I don't just mean recycling cardboard and glass and Wave Soda cans,

I also mean recycling clothes, or miscellaneous items around the house that you no longer have use for. 

According to the World Population Review, California has America's highest homeless population, sitting at over 150,000. That's unreal! 

Imagine if you could help clothe or feed or uplift just 1 of those 150,000 humans each day. 

Reaching out to one person a day for an entire year, well easy math, that's 365 people. What an impact and what a way to spread kindness! 

Drink Wave Soda

This is a bonus one I made just for you. 

Drinking a Wave Soda means being kind to your body. 

Our all-natural sparkling fruit soda contains 2-6 grams of natural sugars, plus it has no artificial additives. It is just about the kindest drink you can sip. 

At Wave Soda we love the idea of giving back. Last month we raised just under $2,000 to be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and that was all thanks to you amazing humans being kind and wanting to give back. 

I encourage you all to keep spreading kindness in everything you do so that we can collectively make the world a kinder place for us all to live. 

Happy World Kindness Day, go out and be kind!

If you are looking for more information on Homelessness in America, click the link to learn more.