3 Covid Friendly Halloween Crafts

A number of have holidays have come and gone during this pandemic and each one has looked a lot different than usual. 

With another holiday just around the corner, our team at Wave Soda wanted to bring you some easy Halloween craft ideas that you can make to spruce up your house and get you in the spooky spirit!

Spook Up Your Mask

Wearing a mask is still one of the best ways to stay safe right now, so why not make it fun?!

All you'll need for this face mask idea is some paper plates, crayons or markers, and some yarn or popsicle sticks. 

Now that you have your supplies it's all creativity from here!

Grab your paper plate and draw and color it how you choose. 

Don't know what design to pick?

Try one of the following :)



After you have your design all set, poke holes in the sides of your plates near the ear and tie your yarn in a loop that will reach your ear. Now you can sport it around town!

If you don't to use the yard idea, try hot gluing a popsicle stick to the bottom. This will allow you to hold it up in front of your face. 

Black Magic Wreath 

For this Halloween craft you will get to transform a plain twig wreath into a spooky black magic wreath!

Gather the following:

   - brown twig wreath (like the one below)

   - black spray paint

   - small black fake crow

   - black (or dark colored) feathers

   - hot glue gun

 Okay, this one takes a bit longer but only because the paint has dry!

   1. Grab your wreath and spray paint it black

   2. Once the wreath is dry, us your hot glue gun to glue on the crow and feathers however you like!

   3. Hang on the wall or the front door for a spooky Halloween decoration


 Paper Bat Garland

Another easy and cute decoration to hang to spruce up your house this holiday season. 

Gather the following items:

   - black construction paper

   - black clothes pins

   - orange string or yarn

   - a few tacks/push pins

Once you have all the supplies together you will just need a pencil and some scissors. 

   1. Draw a bat on a piece of construction paper and cut it out. Use this cut out as a stencil for the rest of your bats

   2. Take your string or yard and tie the ends around a few tacks and hang them where you want

   3. Grab your bats and use the clothes pins to hang them on the yarn

 The finished product should like something like this!