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24-Hour FLASH SALE On All Wave Soda Products!!!

After being cooped up in your home for the past few months, chances are you are itching to get back to some of your favorite activities. Now, I have a strong feeling that one of those activities is shopping. If my hunch is correct then you, my dear friend, are in luck! 

24-Hour Wave Soda Flash Sale

The people have spoken and so a sale there shall be! 

For the next 24-hours, you can hop on over to our Wave Soda online shop and snag your favorite products for 25% off. 


I know! 25% is a ridiculous sale, we are basically giving stuff away for free. 

What To Buy 

As a Wave Soda Team Member, I get some pretty cool perks, and with these perks comes some insight about what products you should jump at before the sale ends. 

Firstly I will say, I love everything we sell because well, I love this company! Wave has a unique and wholesome backstory and the company runs on positive attitudes, passion, and a deep-rooted love for dogs and sunshine. (Our best furry friends even appear on our website--that's how much we love them!) 

Alright, alright. I got a little sidetracked swooning over Wave Soda but I'm back and ready for the lightning round. 

Quick, off the top of my head, my favorite Wave Soda products!

  • Beach Day Surfer Hat (The summer sun is no joke and I hate putting sunscreen on my face)

  • Dawn Patrol Hoodie (The inside of this hoodie is softer than a brand new Build-A-Bear snuggled between the world's finest silk sheets)

I do want to add one bonus item, the Wave Soda Popsocket. I am squeezing this in here at the bottom for one specific reason--my mother. My darling 60-year-old mother just got a Wave Soda Popsocket to put on her phone and she is obsessed. She keeps popping it out and setting her phone up to show me funny videos and cute pictures and so I felt like I needed to share!

Thank You To Our Loyal Customers

Listen, Wave Soda would be nothing without our trusted fans. Our loyalest of loyal customers! And so we salute you rockin' humans with a discount code sent straight to your email inbox. You will be able to use this code at check-out to claim the unbelievable 25% discount. 

If you have read this whole blog and are now kicking yourself because you haven't signed up for Wave Soda emails, do not fret. Creating an account is super easy, and if you jump on and do it now you won't miss out on our next sale, giveaway, or promotion!

(P.S.: A little birdie on the inside let slip that Wave Soda has some exciting new things coming in the next couple of weeks so hurry and sign up now!)



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