10 Amazing Ideas for Building Your Pet House


Building your pet house the traditional way is great.

However, why not add some creativity to it? Design your pet house according to your likes and style. Here are 10 amazing ideas for building your pet house.

Your pet needs all the love it can get. One way to show this is through a pet house. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to make it special with just a bit of woodwork. 

You can follow these design ideas to serve as your guide for building your pet house. 

Recycled Wood Pet House

If you have old wood pallets at home then this might be a great idea for you. You can use them to make a recycled wood pet house. Just add some stain coat to protect them from open-air elements. You might also have to use a Dremel to clean or polish them. 

As long as you have a large pallet base for enough space for your dog to rest, it will be excellent to make. Its rustic design also gives off an old-school vibe plus it makes it look like an ideal place for dogs to store their bones. 

If you don’t have spare pallets, there are plenty from local retailers or recycling plants. They often give them away or sell them for a cheap price. 

Log Cabin Pet House

The Log Cabin Pet House gives off an outback and outdoor vibe with its lodge cabin design. Made from solid wood, this b design is resistant to weather, pest, rot, and rust. 

All you need as tools are:

  • Table saw
  • Radial arm saw
  • Wood chisel

For materials:

  • Construction adhesive
  • Chinking
  • Pavers
  • 4x4 landscape timbers
  • Roofing materials

Just cut and notch the timbers. Lay the foundation. Assemble the walls and roof. Chink the seams and you have yourself a log cabin pet house. 

Pet Tent

The pet tent is a great comfortable pet house whether indoors or outdoors. As long as you’re good with a sewing machine, this should be easy to make. 

Just sew together to make a tent that fits the size of your pet or room for 2. You can add some pillows and plushies for more comfort. 

It’s perfect for the outdoors too. Enjoy the outdoors with some healthy carbonated soda while your pet rests inside the comfortable pet tent. 

Double Door Pet House

If you have two pets why not make a double-door pet house? As long as there’s enough space, it will make both dogs comfortable and close to each other. 

All you have to do is the same process you’d follow to a regular pet house like any we describe in this article. The difference is that you make it wide with room for two and two doors side by side.  

Under the Stairs Pet House

If your stairs have plenty of room under them, they could be a great pet house for you to renovate. Cutting up some space beneath the stairs won’t affect their integrity so it’s perfectly safe. 

Just cut up enough space for the size of your pet and you have a stairs pet house. You can add some interior decorations if you want, too. 

Cardboard Pet House

If you have a small pet, then a cardboard pet house will add some cuteness to it. This is only suitable for indoor use. The cardboard is rather weak so rain or heavy wind will easily destroy it. 

You can be creative with how you build it. Just make sure you have some scissors and a strong adhesive to stick them together. 

Open Air Concrete Pet House

If you live in a warm environment, your dog may need a pet house to cool up. The open-air concrete pet house is great for it. It will give great wind current and inclusion from the sun. 

Because it’s made of concrete, it’s gonna be heavy. Therefore, you have to make sure that the area you’re building will be a suitable location for a pet house. 

Cottage Pet House

Much like the log cabin, the cottage classy cabin-style pet house provides an outdoor feel.  It can be completed with an open floor plan, a little yard, and wooden accents. Find a cottage house design and pattern your design with it. 

Traditional Pet House

If you want a simple and classic look, going for a traditional pet house design is an amazing idea. It’s tried and tested perfectly for a cozy fit. It helps protect your pet from the sun while not being hot on the inside. 

It’s easily customizable so you can make changes to it whenever you like. 

Pete Nelson Pet House

If you want some complicated ideas for an amazing pet house design, Pete Nelson’s Pet House from Animal Planet is something you may want to look at. It’s a solid durable pet house that will last for a lot of years. 


These are some of the amazing ideas you can try in building your pet house. Don’t be afraid to experiment and look up specific designs that you think will suit your pet. As long as you learn some woodworking, it should be no problem.